Sir K.H.,

I'm glad to have reached this place in your materials. Sifting thorugh all this valuable content, and being zealous to absorb, it's easy to get lost in the sauce. Overthinking has been a flaw of mine and the balance between preperations, building track routines, focus exercises beta/alpha waves, bike maintenance, tire temps, geo/suspensh settings, and all the energy that I spend on "feeling" my gyroscope and feeling the tires and feeling the tire load-- whoa! lots.

So YESSS I'd love the KH adjustement to my approach- the KH redirect of focus if ya will! How does coach think I should catagorize and distill all this info to my most effecient use? Specifically for a EX competitior that's reborn into just a wannabe track hero. I have the applied experience and success of much of what you're coaching addresses, but I've been gone from the game so long that Im not totally sure what the best things to focus on for me will be especially considering my pivot in goals since I did this last time.

Just for the record, I did train specifically to be on a GP bike for 45 min stints and maintaining 150-165bpm. Was the first time on track after 8 years, was on a totally new racetrack I'd never seen before (parhump) and on a used but new to me RSV4 trackbike, so I spent lots of mental space on 1) feeling the bike and looking for track refrence points. 2) bike prep (cuz its new to me so I tinkered for houuuurs on it. 3) Riding position ( I was kinda uncomfortable mid corner and exit, aware of bar presssure, and peg pressures, head and hip positioning.... kinda clogged me with too much thinking mid corner about myself. 4) thought a tonn about the slowest part of the corner and how to get there smoothest with max grip on the front (and this was before I subscribed to you and heard your content on slowest part of the corner) but I'm not sure I should be thinking about this so much? especially as someone not needing the absolute FAAASTEST LAPtime?

Dispite doing many of these tasks you speak of successfully in the past, my lack of direction in what to work on is forged from the fact that NOW, I'm not longer doing this as a competitor... I don't want to win races anymore-I just wanna be shockingly smooth, technically immaculate, and allow the narcotic strength of focus be the collateral effect that track riding gives back to my regular daily thought. Perhaps this means the routines and things I'm used to thinking/working on that were "win race" could use adjustment. I'nm thinking my race threory approach needs changing, to allow learning the more appropriate things applicable to my current personal "no racin', but go crazy smooth/fast goals"? I'd love a KH track day drill amd focus package from ya!

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Brant - What great thoughts and for sure there is a bunch here I can use for future topics. Thanks!

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