Glossary and Debriefing Forms

In any professional domain, standardized language and terminology are a prerequisite for ensuring effective communication and clarity. Our sport, by contrast, has long struggled to develop such standardization, often making it difficult for riders and instructors to communicate clearly and speak the same language. To combat this problem, I developed a glossary of key terms and concepts for the Order of the Sport, available for free download below.

In addition, I’ve also included downloads of several common forms that I use with my clients for post-session debriefings. Maintaining written records of your sessions is a critical habit for tracking your progress and keeping note of what you are working on at any given time.

Glossary of Terms: The Order of the Sport

Ken Hill's Glossary Of Terms
134KB ∙ PDF file

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Rider/Driver Session Download Sheet

Want to record your notes for your run sessions? Here is the worksheet I use for my clients:

Ken Hill's Session Download Sheet
77.1KB ∙ PDF file

Bike Setup Session Download Sheet

Here is the form I use to download when working on setup.

Ken Hill's Bike Setup Download
29.7KB ∙ PDF file

Bike Setup Session Download Sheet (Including Questions)

Not sure what questions to ask to help with bike setup? Here are some of the questions I ask when debriefing with a rider.

Ken Hill's Bike Setup Download W Questions
34.1KB ∙ PDF file