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When I look in the rear-view mirror at my trajectory teaching motorsports over the years, my default has always been 1:1 coaching where the conversation can flow both ways. While the other platforms — schools, classrooms, online webinars, podcasts, online video review, etc. — allowed me to hone my skills, share my methodology, and learn to communicate with riders and drivers of all different skillsets and personalities, they only allow information to flow one direction and without individualization. 

I am not interested in “catch phrase” coaching or simply telling people what to do. I am not interested in providing generic one-size-fits-all advice; that’s not how we improve our skills or the sport. I am interested in sharing my proven methodology with riders and drivers at all skill levels, with the ability to provide the individual nuance needed to ensure success.

Substack is a convenient central hub that allows me to not only share more of my unfiltered thoughts via writing, videos, and podcasts, but also interact with more of you directly. This page has two levels: 1) free subscription, with access to much of my overall content, and 2) a low-cost subscription (monthly or yearly), giving you access to more in-depth content and materials, plus direct interaction with me through online comments and conversations, and the ability to suggest or request content on the topics you’d like to hear more about. As of right now, I plan to publish two original pieces of paid content per month, but this may go up based on subscriber engagement and demand.

What will I’ll be writing about?

Here are the categories my content will fall under:

Fundamentals – Deep dives into The Order of the Sport, showcased with writing, videos and podcasts.

The Last 1% - What are the habits and techniques the best riders and drivers use, on and off the track.

Complete Athlete – Motorsports, is a sport and that make us all athletes. Here we’ll break down the 3 elements of an athlete and how all 3 need to be looped together for success in our sport.

Data – Data comes in many forms and we’ll dive into all aspects of video, GPS speed and full-blown telemetry for both the rider/driver.

The Debrief – What happens after an on-track session or after a race weekend.

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